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Get the best products and services, especially for the individual customer, only from BNI. BNI seeks to provide, through its wide array of Savings, or even Treasury products and services, maximum benefits to suit Your banking or personal needs.

Get the best products and services that are specially designed for your specific corporate needs only from BNI. BNI offers a wide range of Loan, Savings, or even Treasury products and services, that provides maximum benefits to suit Your banking or corporate needs.

Bank BNI maintains a strong presence in all major currency markets. We offer a comprehensive array of innovative products and consulting services to investors, corporates, and correspondent bank clients, ranging from basic foreign exchange to customized multi-currency hedging and yield-enhancing strategies.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

BNI Singapore Operating Hours (Banking Hall Services)

  • BNI Cecil Street (Prudential Tower) 
    Monday - Friday 09:00 - 16:30 (except Public Holiday).
  • BNI Remittance Center
    Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 06:00 (except Public Holiday).

Telegraphic Transfer (Outward Remittance)

  • How can I do a telegraphic transfer to Indonesia for my Maid?
    You can obtain and complete the remittance application form by ‘printing’ a copy from this web-site or by using our standard application form available from our banking counters. If you are doing your remittance at our branch, our tellers will be there to assist you.

    If you are doing your remittance via Mail-In, please follow the ‘Instructions’ available at our web-site and mail-in together with your cheque.


  • Can I do a telegraphic transfer if I do not maintain an account with your bank?
    Yes, you can.


  • How fast can the beneficiary receive the funds?
    If the beneficiary maintains an account with any one of our 1000 units in
    Indonesia, generally he/she will be able to receive funds within 1(one) to 3 (three) working days by checking with the branch/updating his or her passbook.




If the beneficiary does not maintain an account with BNI but with one of Indonesian banks, generally he/she will be able to receive the funds within the same day or the next business day.




If the beneficiary maintains an account with another bank not in Indonesia, generally he/she will be able to receive funds within the next day or two business day at the latest.


  • Will the beneficiary receive full payment in Indonesia?
    Yes, for IDR remittance to
    Indonesia, beneficiary will receive full payment.


  • Can I check if my beneficiary received the funds?
    Yes, we can check the status of the payment by making an overseas call to our branches on your behalf. If the beneficiary has an account with BNI branches in
    Indonesia, beneficiary account will be credited instantly.  BNI Singapore already has an Online system with BNI branches in Indonesia.


  • Can I cancel / amend my telegraphic transfer?
    Yes, you may cancel/amend your telegraphic transfer subject to funds being unpaid and we charge SGD10.00 for cancellation or SGD10.00 for administrative charges to resend it. (Please note that bank charges applied during the initial application will not be refundable).


For Transfer in USD, generally the fund will be credited after 2 (two) business days since it would go through USD clearing in USA.


  • What is the exchange rate used for the conversion?
    The exchange rate used for the conversion will be the prevailing rate at the time your application is process.


  • If I remit in SGD (Singapore Dollars) what will my beneficiary received at his/her end?
    The practice of most banks is to convert and pay in the local currency. Thus if your remittance is to
    Indonesia, the beneficiary will receive equivalent amount in Indonesian Rupiah.


  • Can I fax my telegraphic transfer to you?
    No, we do not process any application based on fax. But you may mail-in your completed application together with your ‘crossed cheque’ and we will process your application if its in order.


  • Do you send us a transaction advice if I remit via mail-in application?
    Yes, we will dispatch a computer generated transaction advice to your designated address specified on the application form on the next business day.


  • What is your cut-off time?
    If you plan to remit your funds at our branch, the cut-off time is
    4:30pm on weekdays for Cecil Street (Prudential Tower) Branch and 06:00pm Monday - Sunday for our Lucky Plaza and City Plaza Remittance Center.


  • When my telegraphic transfer was processed, why was the rate different from what I was told at the counter/phone enquiry/web-site?
    The board rate fluctuates according to the inter-bank market. The rate used at the point of processing your application may therefore differ from your earlier notified rate.


  • Can I do a telegraphic transfer for currencies other than Singapore Dollars, United States Dollars and Indonesian Rupiah?
    Yes, but please contact us at our Hotline at Tel: 6329 0222 for further information and charges etc.


Trade Services


  • Call us for a general discussion on your business needs: 
    Telephone : (65) 6329-0212, (65) 6329-0210


Commercial Loans / Corporate Loans / Performance Bonds & Bankers Guarantee


  • Call us for a general discussion:
    Telephone : (65) 6329-0297, (65) 6329-0255


Hospital Guarantee


  • Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone who has an account with BNI in Indonesia can apply.


  • Can I apply on behalf on my parents or my child?

Yes, as long as you have an account with BNI Indonesia. You are the applicant and your parents or children are the patient.


  • Where can I get the application forms?

Application forms can be downloaded from BNI Singapore website




Applicant can proceed to any BNI Branches to fill up the application form.


  • Must I bring any other documents?

Each application form must be accompanied with the original passport of applicant together with the BNI Passbook and also the original passport of the patient.


  • How much will BNI Singapore guarantee?

The amount BNI Singapore guarantee will be the amount as instructed by applicant after converted to Singapore Dollars based on BNI Singapore’s competitive exchange rate for the day.


  • How much can I guarantee?

The amount each applicant wants to guarantee is limited to the available balance within the applicant’s account with BNI Indonesia.


  • What if during my medical stay in Singapore and I found out that the Hospital Guarantee that I had applied is insufficient to cover my medical expenses?

Upon your knowledge that your Hospital Guarantee may be insufficient to cover all medical expenses, you can fill up another application form which is also available at the hospital in which you are staying and faxed to BNI Singapore, BNI Singapore will then process your new application immediately.


  • What if my hospital bill is less than the amount of guarantee that I applied?

BNI Singapore will only debit the applicant’s account up to the amount to be paid to the hospital after converting to Singapore Dollars.


  • Call us should you have any more enquiries:

Telephone : (65) 6329-0281, (65) 6329-0297


Custodian Services


  • Call us for a general discussion: 
    Telephone : (65) 6329-0266


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